​BR1M Latest Updates

Related BR1M Information and Updates BR1M Aid to be Brought Forward In view of the unfortunate flooding that has swept through large parts of Malaysia’s east coast, the BR1M financial aid has been brought forward

Malaysia Budget 2015

Budget 2015 – How Is It Related to BR1M? With the recent Budget 2015 announcement seeing plenty of increased funding, Malaysians can look forward to increased financial assistance, not least with the BR1M scheme. With

How you can apply?

How Do I Apply for BR1M? There are 2 main ways to apply for the BR1M scheme; you can either apply online or offline. For online applications, you must visit https://ebr1m.hasil.gov.my/ to proceed with your

What are the requirements?

Do I Qualify For BR1M 2015? To be eligible for the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), you need to fit several criteria as outlined by the government. This is so that only those that actually require

What is BR1M?

The 1Malaysia People’s Aid, also known as BR1M, is a government scheme that was first established in 2012. The purpose of the BR1M scheme was to offer some assistance to households that fall into the low-income